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Do you want to Lose Fat,
Gain Strength,
and Build a Lean, Muscular Physique?
  • Muscle Tone that gets attention when you take your shirt off
  •  The kind of physique that makes other guys jealous
  •  The RIPPED look that forces the ladies to take a second look...
  • ​If this is what you want... you should keep reading.

Matt Ogus
Fat Loss Transformation expert Matt Ogus shows you how to Lose Fat and Gain Strength while you build a Lean Muscular Physique... 

...all while not having to give up those foods you love
I've Got a Couple Questions for you...
Have you ever wanted to lose fat?
To drop 15, 25, or maybe even 50 to 100 lbs?
Have you ever wanted to get RIPPED and have a Six Pack?
"DUH! That's why I'm here"
(you're probably thinking)
Have you tried other diets before?
Did they work?
Do you know WHY they didn't work?
Lastly, when is it your turn?
to finally find something that DOES work?
So... Why don't you have the physique you want?
You might think:
"I have bad genetics"
"I just wasn't on the right diet"
"I just need to stick to my diet better next time"
"I have a really hard time cutting carbs"
"I can't stick to my meal plan"
"I need a meal plan"
"I'm just too lazy to do tons of cardio"
"I just haven't found the right program for me"
"I never had anyone to teach me"
You're not alone. We've all had these kinds of thoughts before.
I want you to imagine something...
Imagine you're at the beach or the pool...
You're with your friends and surrounded by a lot of people
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to confidently take your shirt off... and people can't help but to look over at you, surprised, impressed at how ripped and lean you are?

Have you ever wondered how it would feel walking into and around the gym with a tank-top on, and people are thinking "holy shit, this guy is RIPPED! He definitely lifts"

And lastly, how would it make you and your family feel, your significant other feel, if you were able to shred off the fat and finally get in shape?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but
You probably:
  • Have tried once or many times before to lose fat
  • Have tried at least a couple different big name or fad diets... like Low-carb, low-fat, paleo, or "clean-eating"
I'm going to make a basic assumption...
There's a great chance you are willing to... or already:
  • Put in the work and show up consistently
  • Do research about how to lose fat
  • Take supplements if they'll help you get to your goal faster
  • Try to eat as "healthy" or "clean" as possible
  • Lift weights HARD AS F*CK
You're confused because you THINK you're doing everything right...
or Perhaps you're just getting started and you're looking for guidance
If you're just an Average Guy like most people, you can't just "Wing it" and try the latest thing you saw on the internet to lose fat. It's not going to work

And you sure as hell won't lose the fat by doing what everyone else is doing: following the "Fitness Tips" you read all over Instagram and Facebook
Lose 1 to 2 lbs per week while gaining Strength and Muscularity
This is the Goal
It's not about a crash diet

It's not about losing a ton of weight... and losing all your muscle and strength
(You might end up looking WORSE by doing that)
There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose a ton of weight, but KEEPING and BUILDING muscle while losing weight is the key to developing the Lean Muscular Physique
We want to be as strong as possible, while sporting the athletic, chiseled physique

With the V-taper, rock-hard muscles, and the boy that stands out in the crowd

Solid, toned legs that look great when you're in your bathing suit or your birthday suit

And a sleek, tight, rock-hard midsection that girls think is absolutely sexy
The question is...
How do we properly combine the goal of FAT LOSS with the goal of maximizing muscle?

This photo is 100% Unedited... 

I'm Matthew Ogus. Let me show you how you can Lose Fat & develop a Lean Muscular Physique

I've achieved, but more importantly, I've taught hundreds of thousands of others how to make fat loss as simple and effortless as possible

Most people have absolutely no idea of what they are capable of because they've followed the wrong advice

I'm here to help you realize and experience your true inner potential
What Most People Don't Realize...
Is that the Truth about Fat Loss is generally hidden from our attention
The truth doesn't sound very sexy
It often sounds too good to be true
Too SIMPLE to be true...
And the Fitness industry makes BILLIONS of dollars by keeping people in the dark 
Once you can separate the truth about Fat Loss from the bullshit, from the stuff that doesn't matter as much...

Losing Weight becomes so much easier
I used to be in the SAME EXACT position as you...
I used to read online articles, read magazines, and watch youtube videos featuring professional bodybuilders and fitness icons - giving me "tips", "tricks", and "advice"

Articles with flashy titles and clever wording would always catch my attention...

I'd take what I found, and if it sounded easy, I'd try it out

I figured what they were talking about must matter...

But mostly, I hoped that every next diet or tactic or trick... would be the secret to fat loss that I was looking for
Just One Problem...
99% of all the content out there on fitness, nutrition, and training... about crap that doesn't matter much... or at all.

Unfortunately, from the outside perspective looking in - we have no idea that this is the case

We don't realize that most content is made specifically just to grab our attention...
I finally realized that I needed help sifting through the bullshit
I needed to learn the truth. Fast.
I wanted to fast-track my way towards Fat Loss
you've probably heard that the right mentor could save you a lot of time.

For me it proved one of the truest things in the world.

Putting money where your mouth is also forces you to commit to your goal.
I was linked up with Eric Helms, one of the current leading experts in the research of bodybuilding and strength training and nutrition
Within weeks under his mentorship, I realized that EVERYTHING I previously thought I knew about Training and Nutrition was complete bullcrap
It became clear to me why so many people struggle with fat loss
Yes, some people may ultimately lack the commitment and initiative...
But Most people lack the know-how
I'm gonna hit you with a solid truth...
95% of your fat loss results come down to just a few key factors
The problem is that NOBODY focuses on teaching you the importance of the 95%
& we're over-sold on the importance of the remaining 5%
We get distracted so much by the details, the tricks, the "secrets", the "magic bullets", the "easy ways out", the "top 5 foods to eat" or the "top 5 foods to avoid" that...

 we don't focus on the KEY FACTORS 
that give us 95% of our results
The biggest reason that you haven't seen fat loss success, is you haven't learned or properly implanted the Key Factors of Fat Loss

Or... you didn't implement them in a way that was sustainable
But it's probably not your fault because, once again, the vast majority of fitness products and 99% of the fitness content out there isn't going to teach you the fundamentals about fat loss
The Fitness market doesn't necessarily want to teach you "how to fish".

They make a lot more money by keeping people in the dark, getting you to continuously buy things that won't ever truly fully educate you or make you SELF-RELIANT
They say:
If you gave a man a fish... you feed him for a day
If you teach a man to fish... you feed him for a lifetime
I realized that people weren't seeing Fat Loss Results because they needed to be taught HOW to fish
This got me thinking...
What if I simplified Fat Loss... For everyone

What if I combined the Key Factors for Fat Loss with the Key Factors for Building Muscle and Strength
... and Properly incorporated them into an EPIC Fat Loss Training Program
I set out to create the Ultimate Program that would FAST-TRACK you towards Fat Loss and the Lean, Muscular Physique
I remember when I first began my fat loss transformation back in 2011

I had a structured nutrition and training game plan to follow

I was hitting my macros every day

Fat was just FLYING off my body... Like never before

Cuts and definition that I didn't know existed was being revealed before my eyes
It was just a short time before 
discovered something pretty crazy
The #1 key factor for weight loss is a steady caloric deficit
And when it comes to maximizing the Lean, Muscular Physique, hitting Macronutrient Targets (Macros) and basing your weight training on progressive overload is key.
I quickly made another discover,
this one was life-changing
You don't have to restrict yourself to 
100% "Clean Foods" in order to Lose Fat
This was and currently still is the BIGGEST MYTH in the entire fitness industry

There are so many people out there who think that "clean eating" is the only way to lose fat

People think that it's a cause and effect relationship

They think that if you eat clean... you lose fat...

This couldn't be further from the truth...
Heck... In 2010 I tried "clean eating" and ate ONLY clean foods every 2-3 hours and I gained a TON of weight...
You can't just "eat clean" and expect to lose weight
There are so many Fitness Myths that hold people back:
  •  You have to eat clean
  •  You have to eat "low fats"
  •  You have to go "Low Carb"
  •  Eating sugars will automatically cause you to gain fat
  •  You have to eat based off your body type or blood type
  •  You have to have short, high rep workouts, that can't be longer than 30 or 45 minutes
  •  You need to do cardio on an empty stomach
  •  You have to eat every 2-3 hours
  •  You can't eat carbs past 6 PM or before bed
I learned first-hand that...
You will LOSE FAT regardless of the individual food choices you make, as long as you're in a caloric deficit
Most of my diet was still full of wholesome, nutritious foods... (important for long term health)

But I began incorporating more "fun foods" into my diet

If I wanted dessert, I'd have an ice cream sandwich

If I wanted a pop-tart, I'd have one (or two)

If I wanted a chipotle burrito and it fit my macros, I'd have it 

If I was at sushi with friends and family... I'd have sushi!

I was incorporating, in moderate amounts, a lot of the foods that people say you CAN'T have if you wanted to lose fat
And I lost fat at a solid rate of 1-2 lbs per week
I lose fat, every time, without having to give up the foods I love and I've shown, multiple times, millions of people all over the world that this is possible
I would love for you to see for yourself that its possible
For years, I believe in certain 
"Rules" of nutrition
In reality, a lot of these "rules" turned out to be be myths
What I thought were "Rules" was actually just misinformation... or someone's personal preference

For a while, I was too focused on RULES, and not focused enough on basic scientific Truth

Like many others, I was stuck inside a box of ignorance and misinformation, one which I was limiting my own potential
"Don't Miss the Forest Aiming for the Trees"
Our Biggest Problem is our Ignorance
"We don't know what we don't know"
Most of our nutritional knowledge is spoon fed to us by our parents, our friends, the media, and what we soak up on the internet

Our parents typically spoon feed us the primary "myths" of their generation

The media, and our friends on Facebook spoon feed us the "myths" of OUR current generation

...I'm here to help you break free from the trap
Fat Loss isn't always easy... But it's simple
You need to consume less calories than what your body burns
It sounds like common sense. It is common sense. You probably learned this in biology class

Yet how come the Fitness Myths are so pervasive?

Why do the Fitness Myths exist when we know intuitively that losing weight is about 
"exercising more and eating less?"

Why do people still struggle with Fat Loss when our basic intuition tells us that calories matter?
The reason is that people generally have NO CLUE how to implement a caloric deficit in a systematic yet flexible and sustainable way
Flexible Dieting along with a caloric deficit is the KEY to sustainable fat loss
"But what about Training?"
Focusing on building strength on specific lifts in the gym is the KEY to developing that RIPPED and chiseled look
With all the fitness myths I used to believe in...

With all the crazy methods of training for fat loss that sometimes had me spending countless hours in the gym doing dozens of sets and hundreds upon hundreds of reps in just one workout

With all the effort, time, and money I'd spent hoping and trying to get to the next level...

You can imagine how I felt when I finally figured out the Truth and starting seeing INSANE results
The Ultimate Program for Fat Loss & Building the Lean Muscular Physique is here
Matt Ogus Proudly Presents
Inside the Six Pack Shredding Program you will discover...
  • How to Achieve a Ripped, Lean Physique that you can be proud of
  • How to make Losing Body Fat as effortless and enjoyable as possible
  • How to build Lean Muscle in your Chest, Shoulders, and arms... As well as your Back & Legs with specific exercises, sets, reps, and progression schemes... 
  • How to train specifically during a cut, that won't force you to spend hours upon hours in the gym
  • How to Calculate your Calories and your Macros
  • How to Adjust your Calories and Macros to continue or increase Fat Loss
  • How to Utilize Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, and other strategies that help many people ADHERE to their diets
  • How to utilize cardio (if desired) for creating or sustaining your caloric deficit
A simpler, Faster, & more Efficient Solution to Losing Fat & Getting Absolutely Shredded
This took me well over 6 months to create...

But the Key Knowledge, the strategy, and the system for training and nutrition inside of this program comes from my total experience (10+ years) along with the experience I've built up teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to get shredded over the last 6 years

So whether this took me 6 years to make, or 6 months to make... it was totally worth it
So you want to lose a ton of fat?
Think about how much time you've spent on the computer doing research...
Reading article after article, and watching countless YouTube videos
Better yet, think about all the time you've spent in the gym
Think about how hard you've worked.

Think about all the times you've wondered, "Is this Sh*t gonna work?" 
Now imagine a Fat Loss system that leaves no room for doubt.

That gets the job done every time

If you hit the right macros, day in, day out, then you'll lose fat in a predictable, powerful way
The Six Pack Shredding Program gives you the proper training and easy to follow nutrition plan, so all you have to do is follow the program and get results

The Six Pack Shredding Program will help you gain a better understanding of fat loss and building muscle, so that you can approach the gym and your diet with clarity and confidence
For less than the cost of a Tub of Protein...
You will have complete online access to
The Six Pack Shredding Program
Now while it would be impossible to list out all of the benefits of this program, I want to show you the Module Titles and Lesson Titles so you can see what this program includes.
Click the following Modules to expand and see Lessons:
I'm also Giving you 2 Huge Bonuses
Bonus #1: Private Members Community

As valuable as the program itself, this bonus grants you access to the private Six Pack Shredding Facebook community.

  • Get support, ask for help, get motivation, and give encouragement to others as you navigate through your Fat Loss Journey

  • Post videos of your lifts to get form-checks from others in the community (An EXTREMELY valuable Bonus)

  • Be surrounded by like-minded individuals who work hard just like you and are interested in discussing intelligent training and nutritional approaches

Oh also, I'll be popping in there from time to time. So in addition to access to countless others doing the program and seeing mad results, you might even get a spontaneous comment, critique, or word of advice from me!
EXTRA Bonus #2: Free Updates
you have complete access to the online course, which is the platform for the program.
If and when updates are made or new content is added to the program, you have immediate access
I'm also Giving you 3 Exclusive Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Ogus753 Excel Spreadsheet 
Training Programs

Most people don’t keep track of their weights.
               Big Mistake

To help you achieve your desired strength and muscle goals, I’ve created a spreadsheet so that you can keep track of what weights you’re hitting in the gym, and what waits you need to hit to continue making progress

  • 3 Different Versions of Ogus753
  • View and customize your Ogus753 training program via computer or mobile device
  • Easily change your training maxes if and when necessary
  • Keep track of lifts, force your muscles to grow
Bonus #2: Private Members Community

As valuable as the program itself, this bonus grants you access to the private ogus753 Facebook community.

  • Get help, ask for support, motivation, and give encouragement to others as you navigate through Ogus753

  • Post videos of your lifts to get form-checks from others in the community (An EXTREMELY valuable Bonus)

  • Be surrounded by like-minded individuals who work hard just like you and are interested in discussing intelligent training and nutritional approaches

Oh also, I’ll be in there at least a couple days every week. So in addition to access to countless others doing the program and seeing mad results, you’ll have one route to direct access to me.
EXTRA Bonus #3: Free Lifetime Updates
If/when new changes are made to the ebook or excel spreadsheets, you will be emailed a brand new copy of all of it, FREE!
Take a moment to consider this...
What would you have paid if you could have gotten it right from the start?
What if you were able to lose fat... AT WILL

Can you even put a dollar value onto that?
What if you had the knowledge AND the strategy to help you lose that final 10, 25, or 50lbs?

For those with more to lose, what if you were able to COMPLETELY transform yourself?

That's what this program was created for.

The plan and philosophies in the Six Pack Shredding Program could enable you to reach the next level.

In fact, to get to the next level, My previous online clients have paid hundreds of dollars ($250 upwards to over $1200) for me to create training and fat loss programs for them
Some of you may think that's expensive, but if all it did was help you lose TONS of fat, get that Six Pack and the ripped lean muscle you've always wanted, WHILE helping you gain strength in the gym... 

would it be worth it?

If all this program did was finally give you clarity and confidence, allowing yourself to quit questioning your every action, would it be worth it?
This Program Contains the BEST system available for Fat Loss
A Plan Designed Specifically to allow you to achieve your Fat Loss goals while helping you Build a Lean, Muscular Physique
I want to make this affordable enough that ANYONE can invest in themselves.

I'm not going to charge you $1200.

I'm not going to charge you $499, or even $249.

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Now, I know that may seem like a big commitment. The price is affordable but like any commitment, this program will only work if you do

That said, this program is unlike any other because it will most likely require less restriction than other diets you may have tried... while giving you more results

One thing I can promise you, is that if you follow the instructions “to the T”, you’re going to lose fat

The factors and how-to knowledge I lay out, along with the helpful advice I give about nutrition and training will probably save you so many headaches and occasions for doubt and anxiety. 

But to take away all possible risk, and truly help you pull the trigger… I’ll let you take the Six Pack Shredding Program for a 30 day test drive.

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There are NO more excuses for not being able to lose that weight or get rid of that fat that you've always been wanting to
This is the program that will help you reach those goals.

The methods are proven to work.

…and it will work for you, too.
This is your Gateway to a Leaner, More shredded You
I can only point to the door...
but YOU have to go through it.
You can open the door, or you can let it remain closed.

If you want to go through that door… if you’re ready to commit to this program which will deliver your fat loss transformation
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-Matt Ogus
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PPS: Remember, you have 30 days to test out the Six Pack Shredding Program for yourself and lose fat. I’m willing to take that risk, because I truly want YOU to achieve the results you desire, and I’m also 100% confident in the Six Pack Shredding Program

Start losing fat NOW, while everyone else continues falling for the Fitness Myths
100% Satisfaction Gauranteed
If you’re not satisfied with the Six Pack Shredding Program, return it any time within 30 days for a refund of its purchase price.
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